Our Story

We are an online fashion brand based in Senegal, selling worldwide.

In every single collection, we use at least once, traditional African cloth to create universal and borderless products. As a matter of fact, we elevate the raw materials from antique cultural inheritance to elegant, chic, iconic yet trendy pieces of art. Thereby, we don’t only celebrate Africa, we also promote diversity by making multiple cultures from all around the world come together and shine through fashion. We could not agree with M. Felix Mendelssohn eloquent words: « The essence of the beautiful is unity in variety. »


The Creator

Marieme Aicha Diongue was born and raised in Senegal. After her 7 years in an International School whose focus is to create global citizens of the world, she went and studied in the United States, Boston. There, she chose to continue her educational path and graduated with a Degree in International Economics and Finance. Being brought up with that citizen of the world philosophy and above all having embraced cultures from two very different continents, have inspired her desire to mix and unite cultural backgrounds so as to celebrate the beauty and glory that resides in variety. As she usually says,
« Unity is the greatest empowerment and the ultimate victory.»
On the other hand, her love for fashion started at a very early age and grew when her mother opened a dressmaking shop. At only 13 years old, she started designing her own pieces and from then, never stopped. Furthermore, she would design her friends’ outfits or anyone who kindly asked. She even served as a personal shopper and stylist for free. However, as the years went by, and the requests expanded, she finally decided to turn her passion for fashion into a business, she called «Pertinence».

Why Pertinence ?

« Pertinence » whether used in French or English describes the state of being relevant, perfectly appropriate and well suited. This notion is mostly depicted in certain fields such as economics, mathematics, science, technology or strategy.

Nonetheless, the creator started using the word, along with her friends to describe anything that looked beautiful and stunning or simply an outfit that suited well. In parallel, the brand represents everything pertinent and exquisite.

Moreover, not only that does the word “pertinence” share the same definition in French and in English, its spelling is also identical in both languages. It is then adequate for the bilangual creator, suitable to speak to a broader audience but also quintessential to the brand’s identity for which one of the main values is inclusiveness.

Our aim is to bring a new fresh approach to the fashion industry, set trends in the international scene and inspire to the greatest extent while embracing through the process, the uniqueness within the various cultural values.

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